Wednesday, June 25, 2008

*Wednesday, June 25*

Hey y'all!

It's your favorite Cutie Pie lady with lots of great news this week, and of
course, the pie of the week!

First I have some really neat news, Cutie Pies was chosen by the Mayor's office as business of the week. YEA! I did an interview with the lovely Eliza, the neighborhood communications director, and it'll be online in the Mayor's Newsletter tomorrow to take a gander at. You can sign up for the newsletter here:

Some other really cool news is our blueberries!! We've lucked on some early
organic blueberries, So our Pie of the Week is

If you would like a Pie of the Week Delivery, just write back with your address and a yes. We deliver on Fridays between 6-7pm. You can also pick up at the Blue Elephant on Wickenden st. on Friday between 7am and 4pm. Just let us know you're coming!

And while my whole pies are $20 on delivery, the Blueberry is a wee bit different. While I did find a great deal on berries gas and other costs have forced me to price this pie at $22. I am very sorry, it'll go back to 20 on our next flavor, I promise!

Also a little news on the Market front, the Friday Burnside Park/Kennedy Plaza will be on this week, but next week the Market day falls on July 4th. While I would *LOVE* to say out in the park and sell apple pie (because you know that's what's coming up!) the market will shut down for the holiday. Just a head's up.

That's about all, folks, thanks so much for supporting our small business and being as kind and wonderful as y'all all have been over the past few months. Hope everyone is having a great week and an even better weekend planned.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

*Wednesday, June 11*

Heya folks!

I'm really happy to announce that the traditional farmers' market season has begun. Starting Friday, June 13th (spooky!) the Kennedy Plaza/Burnside Park market will kick off at 11am till 3pm. This is excellent if you work downtown and need a nice lunch on your break, or if you happen to get off work early and need to pick up some things on your way out of town.

There's going to be a lot of wonderful vendors there, so take advantage! You can find information and directions here:

Also, the pie of the week. I've had a request for the Orange Buttercream Dream, which is an awesome pie. A cool sweet, tart and tangy orange melting on your tongue is the best cure for a hot day. And haven't we had those!!

That's it for this week, remember to call or email if you'd like a pie delivered and give a shout if you have any special orders. Keep cool, folks!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

* Wednesday, June 4,*

Hey y'all!

Very brief this week, just wanted to let y'all know this week's pie is a Honey Pie in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Also there will be no more Hope High Farmers' Market for Cutie Pies. The regular season is beginning this Saturday and I do not qualify for it. So no market this week, but starting next Friday we'll be at the Downtown Market in front of Burnside Park right across from Kennedy Plaza. They've set it up really nice with tables, fun for the kids and dogs are welcome to take a stroll.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a better week to come.