Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tangerota Berry and Chocolate Vanilla Volcano

Hey y'all! Just giving the update, hope everyone out there is a doing well and ready for some freaky good pie.

Tangerota Berry, which is a mouthful, I know, is an amazing pie designed after an amazing lady. If you do not know Dorota Streitfeld or haven't been to one of the Rebel HQ parties that she co-hosts, your life is far less rich, colorful and a whole lot less interesting. She is, without a doubt, one of my favorite people in New England and defiantly one of the friendliest. Look her up sometime, you'll be greeted with a smile and open arms.

But what's in a Tangerota Berry? Things I knew she'd like, and hopefully you will, too. It's a Tangerine custard with slices of Strawberries sprinkled throughout and a healthy kick of Tequila. It is almost like a Tequila Sunrise, but better. And in pie.

You might ask what you need to do to get a pie designed and named after you. Well... be like Dorota.

Our other flavor this week is Chocolate Vanilla Volcano. This is a sweet vanilla custard with a dark, near black, organic chocolate layered on top. You'd expect me to go all spicy, but that's in a few weeks when the good chilies come out. But no, this is super sweet and awesome goodness. No spicy just yet.

We'll be at the Hope Artist Village in Pawtucket this Saturday from 10am until 1pm. We've exceeded capacity for delivery this week (even before the announcement! Been a busy girl!) so if you'd like to pick up a pie, hit us up at the market.

All you vegans out there, check us out next week, I've got something special with y'all in mind.
Hope everyone's well and having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Choco Coco Tango and Strawberry Cream

First off, I wanted to thank the Providence Phoenix for our Editor's Pick in the recent Best of Providence issue. We were awarded "The Best Non-Maternal Way To His Heart". Which fits us to a tee.

But thanks isn't why the Phoenix loves us, or even why you're here. You'd like to know what the pie of the week is and how to get it. Alright!

This week we're featuring my Choco Coco Tango. Now, those of y'all have have had my Coconut Cream Pie understand that I don't make just any old ordinary Coconut Cream. This is a thick, gooey, luscious Coconut with high notes of fresh vanilla tons of shredded coconut throughout. I like to use the 1923 version of the recipe, which means before canning and the 50's Cult of the Housewife. Which means a better, older, richer process. And it shows in the pie.

But I go on, the Choco Coco Tango is a dark chocolate crust with a layer of chocolate in the bottom of the shell, topped with that beautiful, old Coconut Cream recipe. If you don't like coconut, you'll still love this. Decadent doesn't even cover it.

As always, our second flavor is for those who don't like chocolate or want something not quite as rich. Something simple and sweet, just a little this side of normal fair. For y'all we've got my world class Strawberry Cream. Halfway between a custard and a mousse, this is a soft, fresh and spingy little pie that pushes a strawberry to its' limits!

Both can be done Gluten Free, but not diabetic or vegan. I'll have something more appropriate for both next week. You can always order something special, if you have any dietary needs.

You can find these pies and at least one Cutie baker at the Hope Artist Village this Saturday from 10am until 2pm. If you'd like home delivery, just drop us an email or give a call to our office. As always you can pick up, if that's your preference, at Tina's Jamaican Restaurant on Atwell's Ave. right across from the Blue Grotto. Keep in mind, pick up requires at least 24 hours notice.

Thanks so much, again, guys! I know a whole lot of y'all voted for us (write in) for the Reader's Best Of, and I greatly appreciate it. Hope to see you at a market or on the delivery route soon. And our Spring/Summer market schedule is coming soon!

All our best!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Please hold the applause!

Hey all! If you're reading this and are new to Cutie Pies, thanks!
As most of y'all know we were recently awarded with an Editor's Pick for Best Non-Maternal Way To His Heart by the Providence Phoenix. Thanks Phoenix editors!!

Also thanks to everyone that voted for us. We wouldn't be here without y'all.

I do have one favor to ask, though. Please bear with me while I'm updating the blog. Yes, I know I've promised in the past, but things have been a bit hairy over here, and I'm just catching up. Things should be back to normal as of Tuesday.

As for the pies of the week, I'm not quite ready to announce. I know we're doing something with coconut and chocolate, but not exactly what, and we've got kumquats coming in fresh (I've got a really wonderful weird thing for y'all with that one, just wait), but will have everything up to date on Tuesday.

Also look forward to more Pie pics, links, order forms and, of course, that massive pie list.
Until then, thanks and hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!