Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election Pie Extravaganza

Hey there, everyone!

Well first off, let me apologize for last week, we've been having some email issues and figured out that Cox isn't a very good provider. Again. We did do the markets, did deliveries as usual, but it seems no one knew that. After much yelling I think the situation is sorted.

So this weeks pies... and yes, I said "pies", because we'll deliver any of our FOUR pies this week, are election pies. One for each candidate. Keep in mind, I express myself through food, so if you happen to be for the candidate I'm not then you may not love my choices. That's ok. Remember all is in fun.

So this year we've chosen Sweet Potato pie for Barack Obama. It happens to be his favorite pie and that man has been doing for pies what Sex in the City did for Cupcakes. He mentions pie all the time now. Yea!

Ultra Vanilla is for Biden. Ok, you may think that's a dig at him, but not really, he just has the whitest teeth I've ever seen on a person. That can't be natural.

I had to make Prune Cream for Mr. McCain. He just has a look that asks for it.

For Sarah Palin I've created a very special pie. It's called Caribou Barbie's Moose Breath. It's.... well, not edible, let's just say that. A combination of chocolate chunks, marshmallow fluff, shotgun shells, fur, a snowmobile spark plug and a hockey puck. Yup, it all fits in a pie.

For any of these pies you can order online or pick up the phone, we'll be delivering on Friday between 5-7, please specify what time you'd like and include your address for home pie delivery.

We're also having our last Friday farmer market at Burnside Park. I know, it's been nice but things are about to be way too cold for everyone to keep going. We'll be out there this Friday from 11-2. Hope to see you there!

Today, Wednesday, is the second to last Brown University market. 11-2, corner of Thayer and George, be there or be square.

I have some exciting news, Cutie Pies is doing an interview with the ProJo this Thursday and will have a large spread in this Sunday's paper. Right on! Pick one up, take a look.

Also on the 4th and 5th of November, next week, you can stop in at the Blue Elephant or at the Wednesday farmer market with your I Voted sticker or stub from your absentee ballad, and get a free Sweet Potato Tiny Taster. Just a little bite to say thank you for voting, and you won't hear me tell you *who* to vote for, just enjoy some pie.

Well, that's it folks, I'm late for the market, hope to see y'all there and hope everyone is having a wonderful week.
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
Now available at the Blue Elephant, Blue State Coffee, City Girls Cafe, Brooklyn Tea Room, and for whole pie delivery.
Look for your favorite Cutie Baker at your local Farmers' Market!
(401) 331-2414
cutie pie pies @

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin makes Fall fall

Hello all!!

Just a quick check in on the pies of the week. First off, I know this Friday is Halloween, but we're still going to be delivering. We've expanded our delivery hours for the rest of the season from 5-7:30. If an earlier or later time works better for you, let us know and we'll work you in as best we can. You can also arrange to pick up at the Blue Elephant on Wickenden.

Ok, so the pie of the week is Pumpkin. Yes, I know, very pedestrian for me, yes, yes. And I'm not going to do anything strange to it like fuse maple into it or chipped beef or anything remotely weird. Just Pumpkin. Because, let's face it, y'all, sometimes you don't have to mess with a classic.

Also this week I'm offering up something a little twisted, but not much, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. I know some of you will have your fill of Pumpkin at the holidays, so I'm appealing to your sweet tooth with this classic, layered delight. Growing up this meant the adults were having Mince pie or Charcoal Tooth pie (very dark, almost bitter chocolate with lava hot fudge in the middle), but us kids would get Chocolate Peanut Butter. Which was fine by me. it brings back everything I love about Halloween, getting to dress up and act a fool.

I can do Pumpkin in gluten free, low sugar and vegan.
I can do Chocolate in gluten free only.
For any special dietary needs on these pies GET YOUR ORDER IN NOW! We will not accept any special dietary order past Midnight Wednesday.
All other orders can be placed by Thursday at 3pm. Just email or call and we'll get you in.

Also this week we'll be at the Brown University farmers market this Wednesday from 11-2, right off the corner of Thayer and George. There's only two more weeks of this market, so get in while the gettin' is good.

We'll also be at the Downtown Burnside Park market on Friday from 11-2. That's right across the street from Kennedy Plaza. For more information on directions, give a peek here.
Last, we're going to be at this year's Winter Market starting on December 6th. We've got a new location at the American Locomotive Works on Valley St. It is a much bigger venue than last year, which means we'll have a lot more vendors and different products for y'all. Come on out and take a peek. Info here.

Finally, we'll be rolling out our Thanksgiving next week. I highly recommend y'all get an order in if you want one, availability is filling up fast. Hope everyone is having a great week and I look forward to seeing all y'all at the markets or on the delivery route. Happy Halloween!!
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
Now available at the Blue Elephant, and for whole pie delivery.
Check out your local farmers market for your favorite Cutie baker!
(401) 331-2414
cutiepiepies @

Monday, October 20, 2008

RI Monthly Newsletter

Wow, y'all. We had a little article in RI Monthly's little e-newsletter, and the response has been overwhelming. I finally had to write a mass letter to send out. If you're coming to the blog from that article, here's that letter so you'll know all about Cutie Pies.

Hey there, y'all!

First off, thank y'all for your interest in Cutie Pies and our products. If you're receiving this you've asked about our pies after reading a little blurb in RI Monthly's e-newsletter. And yea for it! There's been a lot of response, so we're coming across with this one big letter. Here's the answers to all your questions:

Where can I get a Cutie Pie?
*For now you can find us at the Brown University Farmers Market on Wednesdays between 11-2. It is located at the intersection of Thayer and George on the East Side. You can find directions here:
The market is actually in a quad off George, so follow the flow of students students and you should see us.

*You'll also find us at the Downtown Farmers Market on Fridays between 11-2.
That one is held in Burnside Park, right across from Kennedy Plaza. You can find directions here:

*When it turns too cold for the outdoor markets you'll find us at the Winter Market every Saturday at the American Locomotive Works. That market starts December 6 and runs until April 25. That information is here:

*We also have a Friday Pie Service. Every Friday between 6-7 pm we deliver the pie of the week. To order you simply call or email by THURSDAY at 3PM with the address you'd like your pie delivered to. You may also arrange for your pie to be picked up at the Blue Elephant, but must do so before 3PM on Friday. If you'd like your pie at another time, not a problem, just call us at Cutie Pies and we'll work it out with you.

How can I order pie?
*For now just through the blog, email, or by picking up the phone and calling Cutie Pies (401 331-2414) or the Blue Elephant (401 383-8149). We have, in the past, delivered to other restaurants, but with the holidays coming up we've decided to concentrate on Thanksgiving. Our business is small and I prefer dealing directly with my customers.

Where is the Blue Elephant?
*The Elephant is located at 312 Wickenden St. It's the bright pink house up from Coffee Exchange. You can check out there website here:

Can I order something other than the pie of the week?
*In general, no. I offer up two flavors every week and pretty much stick to them, if I didn't I'd have to make forty different kinds in a night to keep up, and that's a little unreasonable. However, I'm not unreasonable and understand that not everyone wants pumpkin cheese for as a birthday pie. For birthday, anniversary and special occasion pies, I will make exceptions, but only within reason. Please don't ask for blueberries in December, I can't work miracles.

What flavors do you have for Thanksgiving?
*Ah yes. This is a great season for pie. This year we're offering:
Apple Ribbon Pie - Thinly sliced apple spread open faced like a flower, baked perfectly and lightly spiced. Our most award winning pie. $22.00
Traditional Pumpkin Pie - This might be the first handmade classic pumpkin you'll ever have. $20.00
Pecan Pie - Thick and rich, our classic Thanksgiving. $25.00
Sweet Potato Pie - Spicy and sweet, a Southern classic. $20.00
Walnut Maple Pie - Like a Pecan but with a mid-western flair. $25.00
Naughty Pumpkin Pie - A traditional pumpkin pie fused with Brandy and topped with candied, brandied pecans. This pie is so good it wants to be spanked. $24.00

*If you have any special needs, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, etc. add $2.00 to the cost of your pie.

*The cutoff date for ordering is Nov. 17th.

How do I pay for my pie?
*I hadn't expected things to blow up as quickly as they have. For now we've been working COD or pick up, but will have a paypal account set up by Wednesday. We accept credit cards through the Blue Elephant.

Alright.... oh, last, lots of folks asked how to find out about the pie of the week. Easy, just check the blog. Also I've got a weekly newsletter I send out every Monday, that tells y'all of any new updates, what's happening in the world of pie and what the pies are this week.

Just to let you know this week we're offering up Pumpkin pie, just to whet your holiday appetite and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Check us out at the markets or give a shout.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and thanks so much for taking the time to consider Cutie Pies. I know this all might seem a little weird, but we're just a little business that started out of no where. Within the next year we'll have a pie shop in town and things will be easier. Oh, and for those of you who already put in orders, you're down for this week. Thanks so much!
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
Now available at the Blue Elephant, your local farmer's market and for whole pie delivery.
(401) 331-2414

You like pie? So do I.

I've been meaning to post this for a few days. Apparently my man Obama likes pie as much as I do. And he feels the same way about business as I do.

Now, I've said I wouldn't push my political views with my business, but there is a reason to post this. We at Cutie Pies are going to put election day pies. Four of them to represent each candidate, and you could choose whatever election day pie fit your fancy. I'd invented a pie for each, the Obama pie being Aloha Obama! a Pineapple Pine nut pie... but after this little clip I had to choose Sweet Potato. Barack really likes Sweet Potato. Take a peek.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our Cutie Pie lady needs to call in sick this

 Hello Everybody,

This is Shea with an announcement for Cutie Pies.

Iris our lovely hard-working pie lady has taken ill this week. She has
the cold that has been going around and will be out sick for this week.
As much as i like to think that i help around the kitchen, I can't do
the special cutie pie thing that Iris does so we won't be attending our
usual farmer's markets at Brown and Burnside. Unfortunately this will
also mean no friday delivery this week.

Please wish her better health in the future. We are looking to resume
full pie production as of Wed Oct 15th.

Thanks you all.

Sean Shea

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple Ribbon and Mocha Surprise

Hey y'all!

Well, it looks like we're going to get more and more and more and more rain! Almost feels like the south in summer when it just starts raining around noon and doesn't cut out until sundown.

Anyway, with the rain we wont be at the Wednesday Brown University market. Pie does not do well in rain, folks, and it will be wall to wall tomorrow. I also do not do well in rain. Hair product and makeup everywhere, not a pretty sight. Thankfully the storms around New England didn't do that much damage.

We will be at the Friday market, no worries. Unless there's a mudslide. Or a flood. Or lightening. Something along those lines. You can find the location here:
The hours on that are between 11-2:30

Deliveries are on Friday as usual, between 6-7.

Now the pie o'the week. We're featuring one of my personal favorites, Mocha pie. I love coffee like almost nothing else, powers me right though the day on a happy little caffeine buzz. This little pie is sweet coffee layered over a whipped chocolate. Leaves me in a puddle every time.

The other pie this week is my Apple Ribbon. While I've featured this pie a few times, it's a classic and the Brown market hasn't had it yet. Alas, they wont again this week.

For this reason I'll be making both pies available for delivery this week. Something I don't often do. I'd also like everyone to maybe try the Apple Ribbon because it's one of our Thanksgiving pies.

The Mocha can be done gluten free, but not sugar free or vegan.
The Apple Ribbon can be don gluten free, sugar free and vegan. Yea! Everyone wins!

For these special orders please contact us before 9am on Thursday morning. All other orders should be in by 3 pm on Thursday afternoon.

No other special events this week, kind of boring after all the hubbub last week. We had a great time at the Food for Thought benefit, met a lot of wonderful folks, ate lots of great food, handed out tons of little tiny pies, and, of course, got to help out with a fantastic cause. I'd encourage all to take part next year, I know Cutie Pies will.

Thanks so much, folks, we'll be looking forward to seeing you at the markets or on the delivery route! Hope everyone is having a beautiful week.