Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election Pie Extravaganza

Hey there, everyone!

Well first off, let me apologize for last week, we've been having some email issues and figured out that Cox isn't a very good provider. Again. We did do the markets, did deliveries as usual, but it seems no one knew that. After much yelling I think the situation is sorted.

So this weeks pies... and yes, I said "pies", because we'll deliver any of our FOUR pies this week, are election pies. One for each candidate. Keep in mind, I express myself through food, so if you happen to be for the candidate I'm not then you may not love my choices. That's ok. Remember all is in fun.

So this year we've chosen Sweet Potato pie for Barack Obama. It happens to be his favorite pie and that man has been doing for pies what Sex in the City did for Cupcakes. He mentions pie all the time now. Yea!

Ultra Vanilla is for Biden. Ok, you may think that's a dig at him, but not really, he just has the whitest teeth I've ever seen on a person. That can't be natural.

I had to make Prune Cream for Mr. McCain. He just has a look that asks for it.

For Sarah Palin I've created a very special pie. It's called Caribou Barbie's Moose Breath. It's.... well, not edible, let's just say that. A combination of chocolate chunks, marshmallow fluff, shotgun shells, fur, a snowmobile spark plug and a hockey puck. Yup, it all fits in a pie.

For any of these pies you can order online or pick up the phone, we'll be delivering on Friday between 5-7, please specify what time you'd like and include your address for home pie delivery.

We're also having our last Friday farmer market at Burnside Park. I know, it's been nice but things are about to be way too cold for everyone to keep going. We'll be out there this Friday from 11-2. Hope to see you there!

Today, Wednesday, is the second to last Brown University market. 11-2, corner of Thayer and George, be there or be square.

I have some exciting news, Cutie Pies is doing an interview with the ProJo this Thursday and will have a large spread in this Sunday's paper. Right on! Pick one up, take a look.

Also on the 4th and 5th of November, next week, you can stop in at the Blue Elephant or at the Wednesday farmer market with your I Voted sticker or stub from your absentee ballad, and get a free Sweet Potato Tiny Taster. Just a little bite to say thank you for voting, and you won't hear me tell you *who* to vote for, just enjoy some pie.

Well, that's it folks, I'm late for the market, hope to see y'all there and hope everyone is having a wonderful week.
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