Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin makes Fall fall

Hello all!!

Just a quick check in on the pies of the week. First off, I know this Friday is Halloween, but we're still going to be delivering. We've expanded our delivery hours for the rest of the season from 5-7:30. If an earlier or later time works better for you, let us know and we'll work you in as best we can. You can also arrange to pick up at the Blue Elephant on Wickenden.

Ok, so the pie of the week is Pumpkin. Yes, I know, very pedestrian for me, yes, yes. And I'm not going to do anything strange to it like fuse maple into it or chipped beef or anything remotely weird. Just Pumpkin. Because, let's face it, y'all, sometimes you don't have to mess with a classic.

Also this week I'm offering up something a little twisted, but not much, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. I know some of you will have your fill of Pumpkin at the holidays, so I'm appealing to your sweet tooth with this classic, layered delight. Growing up this meant the adults were having Mince pie or Charcoal Tooth pie (very dark, almost bitter chocolate with lava hot fudge in the middle), but us kids would get Chocolate Peanut Butter. Which was fine by me. it brings back everything I love about Halloween, getting to dress up and act a fool.

I can do Pumpkin in gluten free, low sugar and vegan.
I can do Chocolate in gluten free only.
For any special dietary needs on these pies GET YOUR ORDER IN NOW! We will not accept any special dietary order past Midnight Wednesday.
All other orders can be placed by Thursday at 3pm. Just email or call and we'll get you in.

Also this week we'll be at the Brown University farmers market this Wednesday from 11-2, right off the corner of Thayer and George. There's only two more weeks of this market, so get in while the gettin' is good.

We'll also be at the Downtown Burnside Park market on Friday from 11-2. That's right across the street from Kennedy Plaza. For more information on directions, give a peek here.
Last, we're going to be at this year's Winter Market starting on December 6th. We've got a new location at the American Locomotive Works on Valley St. It is a much bigger venue than last year, which means we'll have a lot more vendors and different products for y'all. Come on out and take a peek. Info here.

Finally, we'll be rolling out our Thanksgiving next week. I highly recommend y'all get an order in if you want one, availability is filling up fast. Hope everyone is having a great week and I look forward to seeing all y'all at the markets or on the delivery route. Happy Halloween!!
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
Now available at the Blue Elephant, and for whole pie delivery.
Check out your local farmers market for your favorite Cutie baker!
(401) 331-2414
cutiepiepies @ cox.net

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