Friday, January 29, 2010

Wild About You & Lime in the Coconut!

Hey all!

Sorry these posts have been a little sparse, just keeping it simple for the next few weeks.

This week we're previewing one of our Valentine flavors, Wild About You. This delightful pie is filled with dark chocolate, bananas and caramel. Cause, y'know, I'm wild about y'all. Sinfully good.

On the other hand, I'm missing the warm weather, and who isn't right now, so I'm bringing on board Lime in the Coconut. This is a lime, coconut and rum whip, so light and sunny you'll feel like you're on a beach. And who doesn't want to feel that?

Our Cutie Quiches this week are a feta with green onion, spinach and garlic (that's one) and the other is a tomato, basil Parmesan. If you want Cinnamon Rolls or Pecan Cinnamon Rolls, get their early while they are still hot and still around.

We'll be at the Hope Artist Village on Saturday from 11-2 on Saturday, right on Pawtucket. Hope to see y'all there!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chocolate Cream Pie and Thai!!

Hey all!

Been a little silent over here, but mostly that's just how January goes. Holidays are over, feeling a little cold and dreary. I have to tell you, as a Southern transplant, I don't believe there's any time of year harder to keep your focus.

So with that, I'm striking out and focusing on what I love! And filling in a request (or two)

Tomorrow we'll be featuring a very classic, very traditional and very rich and creamy Chocolate Cream Pie. Yup. This is the lighter than air, richer than sin kind of stuff. I do go with a good classic once in awhile, and this is beyond classic. I can't have whipped cream on site, but the chocolate makes up for it.

We're also going to give in a little and fill the request for all those screaming for the Thai Green Tea Pie. Layered with green tea, lime and coconut, this is a pie I thought only I'd like, but lo and behold! It's loved by all. So come out, give it a shot!

We'll be at the Hope Artist Village in Pawtucket at the Winter Farmers' Market from 11-2. What makes tomorrow special is the weather is supposed to be beautiful, so come on out and say hey. Also Monday is a Holiday (Happy Birthday MLK!), so you might have a little more time on your hands to do all you want to. See you there!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey all!
Just a heads up, we will not be at the Winter Farmers' Market tomorrow. It's still going on, but we've got a little other business to tend to (more on that later!). All good stuff, Happy New Year, folks!