Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor Day Means Lemons!

Hey there, y'all!

Its great to get to mail y'all every week, I always look forward to it.

With the end of summer rapidly approaching, it got me thinking of all the wonderful fruits and berries the season brings and how much I'm going to miss them. Even if the fall brings in pumpkins and apples, there's nothing like a great Key Lime or fresh raspberry to really rev you up.

So instead of diving headlong into the chocolate creams and honey tarts fall will bring, I'm holding on to the citrus and berry as long as possible. For Labor Day we're featuring my favorite lemon pie of all time, Lemon Blueberry Pop!

It must have an exclamation point at the end of it. Because it POPS!

Imagine a sweet, tart lemon, something of a cross between a Lemon Meringue filling and a Lemon Cream. Now add brilliant Blueberries baked in whole. Yeah, it really is that good.

To me summer is full of these contrasting flavors, sweet and sour, soft and bright, perfect and bitter all rolled into one. To me there is no better pie to mark the official end of summer than this pie.

For delivery of this Popping! pie, just email or call before Thursday evening. Delivery is Friday between 6-7, and as usual this one costs a cool 20 bucks.

As for the market, we're at Burnside Park this Friday between 11-2:30 and will soon start the Brown University market in early September. Y'all will get more info on that as it comes up. Cutie Pies will also be at the Heritage Festival at Slater Mill and at the downtown holiday fest this December. Again, more info as events draw near.

As for other pies, I'm thinking maybe Apple or perhaps a honey cream will show up at the market. For those y'all will just have to come down and take a look. Remember to have fun this weekend, be safe on the roads and make lemonade out of lemons. Enjoy the summer.
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Key Lime, Oh My!

Hey there, all you wonderful folks!

Time for the pie of the week, and this one is exciting. As I previewed y'all last week, I have key limes, bunches of them. So the pie of the week is the pie that started Cutie Pies out of the gate, a traditional Florida Key Lime pie.

Because I don't have tons of key limes this is a deliver/reserve pie only, don't expect any of these to show up at the farmers' market unless you've arranged for pick-up there. This is one of my most popular flavors, so be warned, they'll go fast.

In other news, I'll be catering a wedding right after the Burnside Farmers' Market on Friday, so delivery is going to be between 6:30 and 7 this week. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. You can request a Thursday delivery if that timing doesn't work for you. Just please make sure your order is in by Thursday evening at the very latest.

And though it didn't rain last Friday (I feel like beating up the next weatherman I see), we'll be at the market this Friday no matter what. Who knows, I might even be able to talk my mom into coming along to meet all y'all. She's a real pistol, so be forewarned!

Also, Cutie Pies has something a little exciting going on. On Wednesday, tomorrow, we're being profiled by French Dressing, a great little food/style/arts blog. I'll have the link up on the Cutie Pie site soon as it comes out. And yes, I swear, we are currently working on making the Cutie blog nicer and adding elements, I promise, they haven't all been published just yet.

Alright, well, I guess that's all for this week. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, enjoying the last bit of summer and maybe taking a day or two off to fill up on sunshine.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Raining Peaches

Hey y'all!

Well, this is going to be a strange week. There will be no market for Cutie Pies this Friday, half due to the forecast of rain, the other because of the tons of company we've been having. The rain, as I see it, is a sign to take a small, tiny break.

That said, we're still delivering pie of the week this week, which is Vanilla Peach. A delightful little pie, peachy, fragrant, a soft hint of vanilla, a perfect bite to have in the rain with someone you love.

If you'd like this wonderful pie delivered just give a shout. Because we're not doing the market it is a free for all, so you can have delivery any day this weekend, starting Friday Morning. I can work around your schedule a little more than usual. Call or email with your order, and this is, as usual a $20 pie.

The Peach Vanilla can be done gluten free, vegan or sugar free, whatever your dietary needs require, just let me know.

Also keep an eye out for next week, I've got something very special coming down the line. Remember all that company that I mentioned? My mother is coming in from Florida bringing all kinds of Key Lime love, just for y'all. This will not be a market pie, simply because it sells out too quickly. Jump on it and let me know if you'd like a pre-order.

That's it for this week. Keep an eye on the Cutie Pie Blog as we're actually going to be writing features and posting pics here over the weekend. Hope everyone is having a lovely week and the rain doesn't cancel any plans.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Almonds and Cherries Mix

Hello all you pie people!

The only thing I can say about this week's selections is that if you happen to be allergic to nuts, delete this email now! Maybe it was a little oversight on my side, but everything has nuts this week. However, if you ask nicely, I'll make something special for our not so nut inclined friends.

So the pie of the week! This week is an Upside Down Almond Cherry. Ok, perhaps I can't present it to you as upside down, that might not travel well, but you can serve it upside down, as it is intended. Otherwise it is a delightful almond cherry fusion with little slivers of almonds in the filling as well as baked into the crust. A heady aroma paired with a tremendous flavor!

Also at the market this week we'll be rolling out The Blue Elephant's signature pie, the Peanut Butter Blueberry. If you can eat peanuts and like PB&J sandwiches, this is the pie for you. It tastes a million times better than just a normal PB&J, more like the best one you've ever had.

Important: The Almond Cherry can be done gluten free, vegan and sugar free. The Peanut Butter Blueberry can be done gluten free, vegan, but not sugar free. Please indicate your dietary needs in your order.

To order either give us a call or email for delivery or to hold one for you at the market. Remember to hit the Blue Elephant for a Cutie Pie or just for a really good breakfast. That's all for this week, hope everyone's doing well, and yes I know I need to update my blog better, working on it!

Hope you guys are having a great week and we'll see you at the market!