Thursday, August 14, 2008

Raining Peaches

Hey y'all!

Well, this is going to be a strange week. There will be no market for Cutie Pies this Friday, half due to the forecast of rain, the other because of the tons of company we've been having. The rain, as I see it, is a sign to take a small, tiny break.

That said, we're still delivering pie of the week this week, which is Vanilla Peach. A delightful little pie, peachy, fragrant, a soft hint of vanilla, a perfect bite to have in the rain with someone you love.

If you'd like this wonderful pie delivered just give a shout. Because we're not doing the market it is a free for all, so you can have delivery any day this weekend, starting Friday Morning. I can work around your schedule a little more than usual. Call or email with your order, and this is, as usual a $20 pie.

The Peach Vanilla can be done gluten free, vegan or sugar free, whatever your dietary needs require, just let me know.

Also keep an eye out for next week, I've got something very special coming down the line. Remember all that company that I mentioned? My mother is coming in from Florida bringing all kinds of Key Lime love, just for y'all. This will not be a market pie, simply because it sells out too quickly. Jump on it and let me know if you'd like a pre-order.

That's it for this week. Keep an eye on the Cutie Pie Blog as we're actually going to be writing features and posting pics here over the weekend. Hope everyone is having a lovely week and the rain doesn't cancel any plans.

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