Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor Day Means Lemons!

Hey there, y'all!

Its great to get to mail y'all every week, I always look forward to it.

With the end of summer rapidly approaching, it got me thinking of all the wonderful fruits and berries the season brings and how much I'm going to miss them. Even if the fall brings in pumpkins and apples, there's nothing like a great Key Lime or fresh raspberry to really rev you up.

So instead of diving headlong into the chocolate creams and honey tarts fall will bring, I'm holding on to the citrus and berry as long as possible. For Labor Day we're featuring my favorite lemon pie of all time, Lemon Blueberry Pop!

It must have an exclamation point at the end of it. Because it POPS!

Imagine a sweet, tart lemon, something of a cross between a Lemon Meringue filling and a Lemon Cream. Now add brilliant Blueberries baked in whole. Yeah, it really is that good.

To me summer is full of these contrasting flavors, sweet and sour, soft and bright, perfect and bitter all rolled into one. To me there is no better pie to mark the official end of summer than this pie.

For delivery of this Popping! pie, just email or call before Thursday evening. Delivery is Friday between 6-7, and as usual this one costs a cool 20 bucks.

As for the market, we're at Burnside Park this Friday between 11-2:30 and will soon start the Brown University market in early September. Y'all will get more info on that as it comes up. Cutie Pies will also be at the Heritage Festival at Slater Mill and at the downtown holiday fest this December. Again, more info as events draw near.

As for other pies, I'm thinking maybe Apple or perhaps a honey cream will show up at the market. For those y'all will just have to come down and take a look. Remember to have fun this weekend, be safe on the roads and make lemonade out of lemons. Enjoy the summer.
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.

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