Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chicago Blues - Bluest Pie Around

Hello all!

Welcome back to the Cutie Pie news letter and greetings to all the new folks! Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend. Labor is always a good thing.

Now, before I go any further I'd like to say that I'm very concerned for my fellow New Orleanians and Louisianans. Things are not as bad as with Katrina, but it's still kinda bad. All Cutie proceeds this week are going toward relief effort. I know it isn't much, but right now it's the least I can do.

At least you can feel better about stretching out your diet and getting a pie.

So! The pie of the week! This week I'm offering up my Chicago Blues: a chocolate crust filled with a dark chocolate/fudge filling, smashed with blackberries and blueberries. It is a dark, rich, deep soul fulfilling pie that echos some of my favorite things about the end of summer and the come on of fall. Chocolate is in, berries will soon be out, so we mix the two.

Also this week I'll be featuring my Orange Buttercream Dream. That's the pie that tastes like a light, fluffy pie version of a Orange Creamsicle. I figure with such a dark and rich pie there should be a balance with a light, silky one. Both are excellent.

The Chicago Blues can be done gluten free, but not vegan or sugar free.
The Orange Buttercream can be done gluten free and vegan, but not sugar free. I need to be notified for these types of special orders by Wednesday afternoon. I know it's short notice, I'll get the mail out on Mondays from now on, promise.

For all other orders just give a shout before Thursday night for Friday evening delivery. Call, email, flag me down, send a carrier pidgin.

Also we're starting a new market on Wednesday! Yea! The Blown University farmer's market runs from 11-2 at Wriston Quad on Thayer St And George St.
You can find directions and maps here:

That's about all for this week, we'll see you at the markets and on delivery days. Hope everyone's having a good week and closing out the summer with joy.
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
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(SOON!),Cuban Revolution, City Girls Cafe, Boston Tea Room, Eddie C's Salon (Saturdays only), Ten Minute Max (Sept!) and for whole pie delivery.
Look for your favorite Cutie Baker at your local Farmers' Market!
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