Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Autocrat Coffee in Pie and the Holidays!

Hey all!!

First off, we're featuring an Autocrat Coffee Milk Pie this week. I'm curious to see how well it bakes and what exactly it'd do, so I'm going with that. There's also going to be something chocolate (maybe a Chocolate Cherry Whip? A Chocolate Carmel Puff? We'll see! It's a surprise, even to me!), both will be featured at the Hope Artist Village in Pawtucket this Saturday at the Farmers' Market from 11-2. Hope to see you there!

Now for the holidays....

I love holidays, as anyone can tell you. Any reason to get together with those you love or feel a bond with is a good reason, and an even better one to share a pie.

For this year you'll see some old Cutie Pie holiday favorites and a couple new on the menu. If there's something that really floats your boat, just give a shout and we'll make sure it hits your table. Here's the line-up:

Classic Pecan Pie - $25.00 You know it, you love it, nothing says Christmas like pecans!
He-Can Pecan - $25.00 As featured in the Thanksgiving Rhode Island Monthly issue. Decadent Chocolate Pecan Pie, sure to wow everyone!
Traditional Pumpkin Pie - $20.00 This classic isn't just for Thanksgiving!
Naughty Pumpkin Pie - $24.00 Pumpkin fused with brandy and covered in candied pecans. One of our best sellers and the best of both worlds.
Dutch Apple Pie - $22.00 This double crusted beauty is everything an apple should be, and a little more.
Jelly Mince Pie - $22.00 A sweet, jellied mince version of the traditional English Mince. Not for everyone, but just the right person.
Eggnog Pie - $20.00 Eggnog in a pie. A huge hit last year and we're happy to present it again. One of my personal favorites.
Sweet Potato Pie - $20.00 A sweet potato is the perfect potato, this pie screams love from the south.
MERI Mint Pie - $20.00 Rich and cream chocolate peppermint Schnapps with a peppermint swirl of colored sugar on top.

The last, but certainly not least, is our holiday charity pie. As most of y'all know we choose one charity that we, as a Cutie Pie family, believe in to support though our work. This year I'm proud to present the MERI Mint Pie in support of MERI or Marriage Equality Rhode Island. 25% of all proceeds from the MERI Mint will benefit the organization, so feel free to give this as a gift in someone's name or present it to your family with pride.

Our New Years Pies (which can also be ordered for other holidays, if you so choose) are as follows:

Mocha Cherry Jubilee Pie $24.00 Cherries under a layer of chocolate and coffee cream.
Espresso Chocolate Chip Pie $22.00 Sure to wake up anyone for their drive home!

Due to expected volume we're accepting prepay only (cash, check and credit card via PayPal).
The last Day to order is December 22nd! There will be a $4 fee for any special dietary needs. You may call or email to order and talk to one of our happy Cutie reps, or place your order with MERI. You're welcome to place your entire order, not just the MERI Mint, with MERI, so feel free. We would suggest all credit card orders go that way.
For cutie Pies call 401 331-2414 or email cutiepiepies @ cox . net

Pick up is at Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant - 223 Atwells Ave. Providence from the 21st to the 24th.

Thanks so much, y'all and if there's any questions, don't hesitate to give a shout. See you soon, and have a delightful holiday!