Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apple Oatmeal and Mocha Pies

Hey y'all! A little pie update comin' at you.

This week we're featuring two wonderful little pies, both of which I truly love.

First off we've got Apple Oatmeal, a spicy, homey kind of pie that's all kinds of comfort food. Perfect combination of Apple Pie and Oatmeal cookie. Yupper, it's that good. And just in time for fall!

Next we've got a nice, rich, sweet favorite, Mocha Pie. A layer of coffee custard on the bottom with a layer of dark chocolate on top. This is perfect with a cup of coffee or an ice cold milk. Yes, I've done this before but it's been requested. As always I try to keep up with requests, so away we go.

Markets this week! We're at the Brown University Market tomorrow, Wednesday, from 10-2. This is in the quad right off George St., in front of the Ratty. You can find a map and directions at this link.

Friday we'll be at the Downtown Market at Burnside Park from 10-2. Once again you'll find directions at this link.

On Saturday we'll be back at Lippit Park, which is one of my favorites. From 10-4 you can look at wonderful handmade artwork and craft, get a pie (or quiche or cinnamon roll or cornbread or...) and even see the Saturday Farmer's market next door. Directions can be found here.

And last!! On Sunday, the Fourth, we've got a great little festival, it's the Family Fun Day at the URI Feinstein Providence Campus. That's right at 80 Washington St. This event is from 9-3, and aside from Cutie Pies there's going to be a whole lot of fun for the family. Along with a farmer's market there'll be face painting, pumpkin hunt, music, a magic show and lots more. Also Stella Marie Soap Company, my very favorite excuse to splurge, will be there. Once you've experienced her chocolate mint soap you'll be spoiled forever.

Alright, y'all, that's it! If anyone needs delivery let me know, otherwise we'll see you at the markets!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Honeyed Pears in Dark Chocolate and Sweet Chai Pie

Alright y'all, you did it again!

Everyone has been requesting the Sweet Chai Pie all over again, so there you have it. Light, creamy, wonderful Chai Tea in a pie. Decident, but still leaving room for ice cream, this is now the most repeated Cutie Pie. Three whole times. Wow. At least to me, I tend to change it up.

As for our other pies, we've got a Honeyed Pear in Dark Chocolate. This sounds better in French, but it's way better in your belly. The pears are at their peak and I've been itching to use them, so here we are. This is also a very dark chocolate we've been getting from our friends over at Mast Bros. Chocolate. Don't let the beards fool you, these guys are serious!

For the rest of the week we'll be at the Downtown Market at Burnside Park, right across from Kennedy Plaza. You can go right to Farm Fresh for exact directions. This market runs from 11-2 on Friday.

On Saturday we'll be back at Lippit Park from 10-4, the Open Market is in full swing and there's tons of new vendors as well as some old favorites. C'mon out, it's going to be a beautiful day.

Also look for our Cutie Quiche, Pecan Cinnamon Rolls (with and without frosting!) and a little Cornbread. Next week we're going to start cracking out some Pralines.

Hope everyone is doing beautifully and enjoying this wonderful weather!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chocolate Raspberry and a Stinger!

Hey all!! Just a quick shout of this week's flavors.

Our pies of the week start with the very last good raspberries of the season, a Chocolate Raspberry Divine. Sweet, sensual, a classic that always pleases and sends mouths watering. Perfect to share with someonme special or gobble up all on your own!

Next we have something unusual, a Lemon Stinger Pie. As some of y'all might recall, Lemon Stingers were a popular cocktail in the 60's and then in the 80's. Since a lot of 60's fashion has come back, I've decided the Stinger should too, and designed a pie after it. Tart, sweet and a nice kick at the end, this will please everyone. At least those that drink a little alcohol, although it has burned off in the bake.

As a side note, I promised someone I'd have Chicago Blues for them last week, but with all the bad weather didn't see them. We'll have a little bit of that on hand as well.

We've also got two flavors of Cutie Quiche, Brocklie Cheddar and a Feta, Spinach, Garlic and Green Onion. I really need to start naming these quiche as well! We'll also have Cornbread and Pecan Cinnamon Rolls. Y'all now have the option of frosting, or plain!

The rest of this week's markets go something like this, there's Downtown at Kennedy Plaza tomorrow from 11-2, I know we've unexpectedly had some cancellations with this market, but I'll be there come hell or high water. We'll also be at the Open Market at Lippit Park on Saturday from 10-4. The big Hope St farmer's market will be on one side, the Open Market is on the other, right on Hope St., across from Chez Pascal.

Hope everyone's great, this should be a perfect weather weekend so get on out and see us while it's still beautiful!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rain cancel for Saturday Open Air Providence Market

With thunderstorms predicted for Saturday, I'm afraid that Cutie Pies will need to cancel on the Open Air Providence Market at Lippitt park. Sorry but just because our Pies are not rain resistant doesn't mean you can't check out the other wonderful vendors at the market.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Markets and a Wedding

Hello, all!

It is certainly nice to be back. Thank all y'all that've sent best wishes for my mama, we're not out of the woods, but she is kinda better. Again, thanks, and I'll keep everyone updated.

So... this week.... this week is a very, very big week for us. We're opening the Brown University Market on Wednesdays from 11-2, this is a nice market, lots of folks and always a great energy. We'll still be at the Downtown Market on Fridays from 10-2, always a good time. But also this week is the Open Market at Lippit Park on Saturdays from 10-4. We typically get there way early for set-up, so any time after 8 is really alright for that market. This is our biggest market by far.

And the pie? What oh what do I have for y'all this week?

I've had a request for quite some time and have finally decided to fill it before the season is completely over. Our first pie of the week is Chicago Blues. This is a lovely little thing, chocolate crust, dark chocolate filling smashed with blackberries and blueberries. Very classic, believe it or not. This was a great favorite last year and I can't help but give in and bring it back.

Also this week we've got Caramel Apple Pie. Kind of a sidestep into normal for me, but it is getting to be fall, and what says fall better than apples in caramel? Simple and to the point.

We do have a wedding to cook for on Friday, after the market, so for this reason there will be no deliveries this week. If you'd like pick-up, that's available at Tina's Jamaican Restaurant. Just let us know you're coming and we'll have it there for you.
As always, thanks for supporting Cutie Pies and we'll see you at the markets!

401 331-2414
cutie pie pies @ cox . net

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Market Sept 4th

This is Iris' partner Sean Shea with a letter to you about the markets for Cutie Pies in the upcoming week. Currently iris is sleeping after just having come back from dealing with her mother's ailment down in Florida.
As a result we are not going to be able to schedule kitchen time to bake for this Friday's downtown market (Sept 4th). We still expect to be doing the Brown U market on the 9th and downtown market next week on the 11th and the Open Market on the 12th.
Iris said to make sure I let you guys know she's doing Chicago Blues next week.
Hope everyone out there is well and in heath. Thanks