Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chocolate Raspberry and a Stinger!

Hey all!! Just a quick shout of this week's flavors.

Our pies of the week start with the very last good raspberries of the season, a Chocolate Raspberry Divine. Sweet, sensual, a classic that always pleases and sends mouths watering. Perfect to share with someonme special or gobble up all on your own!

Next we have something unusual, a Lemon Stinger Pie. As some of y'all might recall, Lemon Stingers were a popular cocktail in the 60's and then in the 80's. Since a lot of 60's fashion has come back, I've decided the Stinger should too, and designed a pie after it. Tart, sweet and a nice kick at the end, this will please everyone. At least those that drink a little alcohol, although it has burned off in the bake.

As a side note, I promised someone I'd have Chicago Blues for them last week, but with all the bad weather didn't see them. We'll have a little bit of that on hand as well.

We've also got two flavors of Cutie Quiche, Brocklie Cheddar and a Feta, Spinach, Garlic and Green Onion. I really need to start naming these quiche as well! We'll also have Cornbread and Pecan Cinnamon Rolls. Y'all now have the option of frosting, or plain!

The rest of this week's markets go something like this, there's Downtown at Kennedy Plaza tomorrow from 11-2, I know we've unexpectedly had some cancellations with this market, but I'll be there come hell or high water. We'll also be at the Open Market at Lippit Park on Saturday from 10-4. The big Hope St farmer's market will be on one side, the Open Market is on the other, right on Hope St., across from Chez Pascal.

Hope everyone's great, this should be a perfect weather weekend so get on out and see us while it's still beautiful!

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