Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apple Oatmeal and Mocha Pies

Hey y'all! A little pie update comin' at you.

This week we're featuring two wonderful little pies, both of which I truly love.

First off we've got Apple Oatmeal, a spicy, homey kind of pie that's all kinds of comfort food. Perfect combination of Apple Pie and Oatmeal cookie. Yupper, it's that good. And just in time for fall!

Next we've got a nice, rich, sweet favorite, Mocha Pie. A layer of coffee custard on the bottom with a layer of dark chocolate on top. This is perfect with a cup of coffee or an ice cold milk. Yes, I've done this before but it's been requested. As always I try to keep up with requests, so away we go.

Markets this week! We're at the Brown University Market tomorrow, Wednesday, from 10-2. This is in the quad right off George St., in front of the Ratty. You can find a map and directions at this link.

Friday we'll be at the Downtown Market at Burnside Park from 10-2. Once again you'll find directions at this link.

On Saturday we'll be back at Lippit Park, which is one of my favorites. From 10-4 you can look at wonderful handmade artwork and craft, get a pie (or quiche or cinnamon roll or cornbread or...) and even see the Saturday Farmer's market next door. Directions can be found here.

And last!! On Sunday, the Fourth, we've got a great little festival, it's the Family Fun Day at the URI Feinstein Providence Campus. That's right at 80 Washington St. This event is from 9-3, and aside from Cutie Pies there's going to be a whole lot of fun for the family. Along with a farmer's market there'll be face painting, pumpkin hunt, music, a magic show and lots more. Also Stella Marie Soap Company, my very favorite excuse to splurge, will be there. Once you've experienced her chocolate mint soap you'll be spoiled forever.

Alright, y'all, that's it! If anyone needs delivery let me know, otherwise we'll see you at the markets!

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