Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coconut Turtles swim with Strawberries

Hey there, everyone!

Wow, a whole lot going on this week, and a few changes to our schedule. But only for this week. First let's get to the pie o'the week.

You like coconut cream pie, right? Ok, well add chocolate and caramel to it and make it a coconut turtle. Decadent isn't even the word. Smooth, creamy, chocolate and caramel laced, chunked out with lots of coconut and velvety perfect. Those of you that have had our regular coconut cream have touched heaven, now you can live there.

Our other feature pie is Strawberry Vanilla Twist. It is my grandmother's second favorite pie in the world - her favorite being a sweet potato with baked in cheddar cheese, but I didn't think that would sound as nice to as many people.

Ah, but the Twist. Take my beautiful flaky pie crust, layer the bottom with fresh strawberries, cover them in a thick, rich vanilla custard goo and bake together. The berries and vanilla mingle into something light, delicate and wonderful, like a first kiss or a perfect blue day.

As to this week's changes. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but there will be no Friday market, and unless you've already ordered the pie for home delivery this Friday evening, you can't get it to your door. We will only be doing the Wensday Brown farmers' market on Thayer and George. You can find directions and maps here:

I'm presenting my grandmother's second favorite pie because she passed away early Sunday morning. I have to head down south for the services, and, of course, to help my mother. I will be returning in time for next week's markets and will have something wonderful in hand. But for this week... well, there's a lot going on, as I'm sure y'all can imagine.

Obviously I won't be providing any gluten free, vegan or sugar free options this week. Again, I apologize. Next week will be something perfect for y'all, I promise.

The only other thing I can think of is Food for Thought. Cutie Pies has joined up with over a dozen other restaurants and foodies to serve at their annual event at Rodger Williams Park. It's a good cause and a good time, check it out here:

In other good news and excellent causes, I have to thank everyone over the last two weeks. We've raised over $1000 for hurricane relief. Thank you. It is small, yes, but every bit counts.

That's it for this week, folks. Sorry if all's a little glum, but I'll be back next week all chipper and full of cuteness. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

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