Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple Ribbon and Mocha Surprise

Hey y'all!

Well, it looks like we're going to get more and more and more and more rain! Almost feels like the south in summer when it just starts raining around noon and doesn't cut out until sundown.

Anyway, with the rain we wont be at the Wednesday Brown University market. Pie does not do well in rain, folks, and it will be wall to wall tomorrow. I also do not do well in rain. Hair product and makeup everywhere, not a pretty sight. Thankfully the storms around New England didn't do that much damage.

We will be at the Friday market, no worries. Unless there's a mudslide. Or a flood. Or lightening. Something along those lines. You can find the location here:
The hours on that are between 11-2:30

Deliveries are on Friday as usual, between 6-7.

Now the pie o'the week. We're featuring one of my personal favorites, Mocha pie. I love coffee like almost nothing else, powers me right though the day on a happy little caffeine buzz. This little pie is sweet coffee layered over a whipped chocolate. Leaves me in a puddle every time.

The other pie this week is my Apple Ribbon. While I've featured this pie a few times, it's a classic and the Brown market hasn't had it yet. Alas, they wont again this week.

For this reason I'll be making both pies available for delivery this week. Something I don't often do. I'd also like everyone to maybe try the Apple Ribbon because it's one of our Thanksgiving pies.

The Mocha can be done gluten free, but not sugar free or vegan.
The Apple Ribbon can be don gluten free, sugar free and vegan. Yea! Everyone wins!

For these special orders please contact us before 9am on Thursday morning. All other orders should be in by 3 pm on Thursday afternoon.

No other special events this week, kind of boring after all the hubbub last week. We had a great time at the Food for Thought benefit, met a lot of wonderful folks, ate lots of great food, handed out tons of little tiny pies, and, of course, got to help out with a fantastic cause. I'd encourage all to take part next year, I know Cutie Pies will.

Thanks so much, folks, we'll be looking forward to seeing you at the markets or on the delivery route! Hope everyone is having a beautiful week.

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