Monday, October 20, 2008

RI Monthly Newsletter

Wow, y'all. We had a little article in RI Monthly's little e-newsletter, and the response has been overwhelming. I finally had to write a mass letter to send out. If you're coming to the blog from that article, here's that letter so you'll know all about Cutie Pies.

Hey there, y'all!

First off, thank y'all for your interest in Cutie Pies and our products. If you're receiving this you've asked about our pies after reading a little blurb in RI Monthly's e-newsletter. And yea for it! There's been a lot of response, so we're coming across with this one big letter. Here's the answers to all your questions:

Where can I get a Cutie Pie?
*For now you can find us at the Brown University Farmers Market on Wednesdays between 11-2. It is located at the intersection of Thayer and George on the East Side. You can find directions here:
The market is actually in a quad off George, so follow the flow of students students and you should see us.

*You'll also find us at the Downtown Farmers Market on Fridays between 11-2.
That one is held in Burnside Park, right across from Kennedy Plaza. You can find directions here:

*When it turns too cold for the outdoor markets you'll find us at the Winter Market every Saturday at the American Locomotive Works. That market starts December 6 and runs until April 25. That information is here:

*We also have a Friday Pie Service. Every Friday between 6-7 pm we deliver the pie of the week. To order you simply call or email by THURSDAY at 3PM with the address you'd like your pie delivered to. You may also arrange for your pie to be picked up at the Blue Elephant, but must do so before 3PM on Friday. If you'd like your pie at another time, not a problem, just call us at Cutie Pies and we'll work it out with you.

How can I order pie?
*For now just through the blog, email, or by picking up the phone and calling Cutie Pies (401 331-2414) or the Blue Elephant (401 383-8149). We have, in the past, delivered to other restaurants, but with the holidays coming up we've decided to concentrate on Thanksgiving. Our business is small and I prefer dealing directly with my customers.

Where is the Blue Elephant?
*The Elephant is located at 312 Wickenden St. It's the bright pink house up from Coffee Exchange. You can check out there website here:

Can I order something other than the pie of the week?
*In general, no. I offer up two flavors every week and pretty much stick to them, if I didn't I'd have to make forty different kinds in a night to keep up, and that's a little unreasonable. However, I'm not unreasonable and understand that not everyone wants pumpkin cheese for as a birthday pie. For birthday, anniversary and special occasion pies, I will make exceptions, but only within reason. Please don't ask for blueberries in December, I can't work miracles.

What flavors do you have for Thanksgiving?
*Ah yes. This is a great season for pie. This year we're offering:
Apple Ribbon Pie - Thinly sliced apple spread open faced like a flower, baked perfectly and lightly spiced. Our most award winning pie. $22.00
Traditional Pumpkin Pie - This might be the first handmade classic pumpkin you'll ever have. $20.00
Pecan Pie - Thick and rich, our classic Thanksgiving. $25.00
Sweet Potato Pie - Spicy and sweet, a Southern classic. $20.00
Walnut Maple Pie - Like a Pecan but with a mid-western flair. $25.00
Naughty Pumpkin Pie - A traditional pumpkin pie fused with Brandy and topped with candied, brandied pecans. This pie is so good it wants to be spanked. $24.00

*If you have any special needs, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, etc. add $2.00 to the cost of your pie.

*The cutoff date for ordering is Nov. 17th.

How do I pay for my pie?
*I hadn't expected things to blow up as quickly as they have. For now we've been working COD or pick up, but will have a paypal account set up by Wednesday. We accept credit cards through the Blue Elephant.

Alright.... oh, last, lots of folks asked how to find out about the pie of the week. Easy, just check the blog. Also I've got a weekly newsletter I send out every Monday, that tells y'all of any new updates, what's happening in the world of pie and what the pies are this week.

Just to let you know this week we're offering up Pumpkin pie, just to whet your holiday appetite and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Check us out at the markets or give a shout.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and thanks so much for taking the time to consider Cutie Pies. I know this all might seem a little weird, but we're just a little business that started out of no where. Within the next year we'll have a pie shop in town and things will be easier. Oh, and for those of you who already put in orders, you're down for this week. Thanks so much!
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
Now available at the Blue Elephant, your local farmer's market and for whole pie delivery.
(401) 331-2414

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