Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The He-Can Pecan

Hello all!!

Wow, what an amazing couple of days!! I would love to go into the politics of it all, but will simply say I'm joyful and any falling all over myself will happen in personal blogs and strictly with friends.

That said, let's head into different politics! Tuesday before last I ran into David Cicilline, Mayor of our fair city, at a neighborhood business association meeting. He was so tickled over my election pies that I offered to make one for him. I have, after all, voted for the man.

So I've come up with the He-Can Pecan, a wonderful Chocolate Pecan pie. I know Pecan Pie is sweet, but with a chunk of dark chocolate at the bottom it is perfect with just a little more. We've made this the pie of the week, so delivery will be this Friday between 5:30-7. This pie is $24 because, as I'm sure you can understand, these ingredients are a little more expensive.

We've also got Chocolate Puddin' Pie up for you at the market. It's not very jiggly, just moist in the middle with a power punch of chocolate. After last week, I felt chocolate was in order. This pie, should you like to order it, is only $20, just like usual.

Get your orders in before Thursday at NOON!

Today, Wednesday, is the last farmer market of the season, at least for Cutie Pies. We are going to be at the Winter Market, which starts on Dec. 6th, that's a Saturday, at the American Locomotive Company on Vally St. Do join us, there's going to be a whole lot of wonderful farmers, bread bakers, cheese makers and, of course, Cutie Pies, for your eating pleasure.

Now, on to Thanksgiving.

Cutie Pies was featured in the ProJo's Food and Lifebeat section today. The calls and emails have been... ah... well, overwhelming is a good word. I recommend y'all get your holiday orders in as soon as you can, because we're cutting off after 1,500. We're not there yet, but it won't be long. Pick up a ProJo, it's a pretty good article.

What flavors are we offering this season, you ask?
Sweet Potato Pie $20
Traditional Pumpkin Pie $20
Apple Ribbon $22
Naughty Pumpkin Pie $24 (fused with brandy and covered with candied pecans)
Walnut Maple $25
Classic Pecan Pie $25

We'll be taking orders via email and over the phone, the number is located at the bottom of this post. All orders are pre-pay and pick up is from Monday the 24th to Thanksgiving day, Thursday the 27th at the Blue Elephant. Yes, you can order at the Blue Elephant as well. Payment: We'll be taking credit cards, cash or check. Whatever is best for you.

Ok, so I'm very excited about the future, not just in pie world, but in all the world. I hope you guys feel this, too, and join me in working toward better days. And, of course, eat some really good pie. Thanks, and hope y'all had as good a night last night as I did.
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
Make your holiday order NOW!
(401) 331-2414
cutiepiepies @ cox DOT net

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