Sunday, April 19, 2009

Please hold the applause!

Hey all! If you're reading this and are new to Cutie Pies, thanks!
As most of y'all know we were recently awarded with an Editor's Pick for Best Non-Maternal Way To His Heart by the Providence Phoenix. Thanks Phoenix editors!!

Also thanks to everyone that voted for us. We wouldn't be here without y'all.

I do have one favor to ask, though. Please bear with me while I'm updating the blog. Yes, I know I've promised in the past, but things have been a bit hairy over here, and I'm just catching up. Things should be back to normal as of Tuesday.

As for the pies of the week, I'm not quite ready to announce. I know we're doing something with coconut and chocolate, but not exactly what, and we've got kumquats coming in fresh (I've got a really wonderful weird thing for y'all with that one, just wait), but will have everything up to date on Tuesday.

Also look forward to more Pie pics, links, order forms and, of course, that massive pie list.
Until then, thanks and hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!

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