Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pies of the Week and Holiday Menu

Hey there, y'all!

First off, happy holidays! Hope everyone isn't going nuts with shopping, family
and all the parties around. With so much going on I appreciate y'all taking the
time to think of making Cutie Pies part of your season.

So... first, the pie of the week! There's two, actually. This week we've got
Chocolate Irish Cream and Sweet Potato Pie. These will be available at the
Saturday Winter Farmer's Market in Pawtucket or can be delivered any day of the

You can find out about the Winter Market, located at the Hope Artiste Village in
Pawtucket: here.

If you'd like to have a pie delivered, just give a call a day before and it'll
be delivered right to your doorstep. Nothing extra.

Now! For the holiday menu. We've expanded it a little bit, added a few favorites
of mine. All orders must be in by Dec. 20th, at the latest. It goes something
like this:

Classic Pecan $25.00
Naughty Pumpkin $24.00
Chocolate Irish Cream $23.00
Dutch Apple $22.00
Eggnog $22.00
Mince $22.00
Traditional Pumpkin $20.00
Sweet Potato $20.00

Our New Years pies (which can also be ordered for the other holidays, if you so
choose) are as follows:
Mocha Cherry Jubilee $24.00
Espresso Chocolate Chip $22.00
Champagne Pie $22.00

Pick up is at the Blue Elephant which is at 312 Wickenden St. from 22nd to the
24th. We're accepting prepay only (cash, check and credit card via PayPal). All
checks should be made out to Cutie Pies and sent to our office at 234 Pleasant
St. Providence, RI 02906.

The Cutie Pie crew, all four of us, now, have been busy bees, but wanted to make
sure y'all knew how much we appreciate you guys all year round and wish you a
peaceful season. Thanks so much, and happy holidays.
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
(401) 331-2414

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