Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweet Chai Pie and Banana Cream

Hey all y'all beautiful pie people!!

I'm in a particularly fine mood this evening, so you'll have to forgive the over enthusiasm. Let's get to the pies of the week!

First off we've got some Sweet Chai Pie. Yes, this is a repeat, but I'm starting to crave fall and this is as close to a fall pie as you can get. Without the pumpkin. What's in it? Chai tea. Custardish, but not too eggy. Soft, sweet, spicy. This was a big hit last year with the Brown University farmer's market, and with some of the kids coming back they've asked for it again. I aim to please. Most of the time.

Next up we've got an old favorite that I can't believe we haven't touched on yet! How on earth could I have passed over Banana Cream Pie? What's that about, ignoring a classic like that. For shame! Sweet layer of fresh bananas on the bottom, beautiful vanilla cream on top. I use an old version of this recipe, so think 40's, think rich, decadent and creamy. This one's a hit with the whole family.

So where are we this week? You guessed it, at the Downtown Farmer's Market, right across from Kennedy Plaza in Burnside Park from 10-2. After which time we'll be making deliveries. One of which will be to Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant on Atwells across from the Blue Grotto. If you miss us at the market you can pick up a pie there. For delivery give a shout, we'll be on the road Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and remember, delivery is no extra charge.

So. August is almost over. Which is a good thing because it tends to be slow all the way around. In September Cutie Pies will have a lot more markets, a bunch of festivals and several weddings. We've also got a lot of really freakin' good news coming up. I'm not allowed to talk about it just yet, but there's big things coming up for us. Just know we're going to keep bringing y'all the best in boutique baked goods with pie at the center of our crown. We'll also always treat y'all with the love and respect we always have and happy to fulfill any need that might come up. Yes, I know, I take the job seriously, but that's why I'm the Pie Lady.

Oh! One last thing. I made too much Ginger Snap Pumpkin Pie filling for a little photo shoot (whoops, did I say too much?) and I don't want it to go to waste. So anyone feel like trying something a little different? Give a holler!

All the best, guys, hope y'all are having as wonderful a week as I am.

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cutie pie pies@cox. net

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