Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Before getting to the holiday menu, let me go over our specials this week real quick. We'll be at the Hope Artist Village in Pawtucket from 11-2 at the Wintertime Farmers' Market. Aside from Pecan Rolls and Quiche, we'll have some Buckeye Pie (sold out too quick last time, so we're reruning!) and Sweet Potato Pie. If there's any time I'll come up with something a little lush as an extra.

Thanksgiving!! I've been trying to post this, but haven't been able to, for some reason. Silly blogger! Bad blogger!

First off, get your order in by the 23rd! We're having pick-up from the 23rd until the 25th at Tina's Jamaican on Atwells Ave. That's at 223 Atwells, right across from the Blue Grotto. While it's open from 10-10, please indicate a time.

Payment. Give a call, we'll work it out with you. You can also email and get more info. We'll also work with your scedual and arrange your pickup time.

The menu! A little expanded this year. You'll see some old favorites and some new delights:

Double Dutch Apple ($22) - a fine, double crusted apple pie with a bit of vanilla crumble inside.

Traditional Pumpkin Pie ($20) - We all know it, we all love it. The Cutie Pie Pumpkin comes from pumpkins, not cans, so you'll have a much more round and full taste. Heavily spiced to knock you off your feet.

Naughty Pumpkin Pie ($24) - Our Traditional Pumpkin, fused with brandy and covered in candied pecans. This is a pumpkin so good it wants to be spanked! Our best seller from last year.

Chocolate Irish Cream Pie ($21) - Creamy chocolate cranked up a notch. Growing up this was the only thing my favorite uncle wanted, and with good reason.

Sweet Potato Pie ($20) - This southern classic (sweet, not savory!) is like mother's milk. If you like pumpkin pie but want something with a little more bite, here you go.

Roasted Pecan Pie ($25) - The house favorite. If you haven't had a pecan pie made by someone from south of the Mason/Dixon, you're missing out, y'all.

The He-Can Pecan ($25) - This is the richest chocolate pecan pie out there. The recipe was given to RI Monthly so y'all could make your own pies this season, but the demand has been staggering. This might knock the Naughty Pumpkin off the best seller list. Make your own or give a shout, we'll make it for you.

PARL Apple Peanut Butter Pie ($20) - The kids won't eat pecans? Hate Sweet Potatoes? Give them this. Each holiday we choose one charity to design a pie for, this Thanksgiving it is PARL, the Providence Animal Rescue League. 25% of all proceeds from this pie go to PARL. As many of y'all know I have a little rescue pug named Snorkels, and rescue is near and dear to my heart. As my pug loves apples and peanut butter, I figured the only pie more appropriate might have bacon in it. If this doesn't appeal to you, you can always donate to PARL directly.

So that's it, folks. Order early and often!! Give a shout and a Cutie rep will walk you through painlessly. Thanks so much, and stay thankful.

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