Friday, February 12, 2010

No market!!

A first!! Cutie Pies is sold out. Already! We have nothing for tomorrow's market, so we've got a rare Friday night off. If you need something extra for Sunday to give to your sweetheart, give a shout and we'll take care of you. Thanks!


Pam said...

Visiting from I {heart} Rhody. So excited about your giveaway. I was at the Winter's Farmer's Market this past Saturday and bought one of your French Chocolate Cream Pies (is that what it was called)? It was delicious! Loved it. Would love a chance to win a Chocolate Irish Pie. yum yum.

Cutie Pies said...

Pam, very happy you liked it. Honestly, the Irish Cream blows the French Chocolate Cream away. The Black and Tan is pretty wonderful, we've already got 40 pre-orders on it from last year! The men in your life will appreciate what can be done with Guinness. Will put you down, and thanks for the complement!