Friday, May 1, 2009

Bridal couples choosing Wedding Pie, not cake

Pies in the News

This is Shea the cutie pie's guy. I just read this over in the Chicago Sun Times.

It's about how Pie is becoming the replacement for Cake at weddings. Reminds me of the event we did for Liti and Michele last summer.


Five years ago, midway through a second date with a beautiful woman and emboldened by a little too much wine, I revealed my most fanatical belief. I set down the dessert menu, leaned back in my chair and set the crazy free.

"Before we go any further," I said, "there's something you should probably know."

"For this relationship to work, you have to understand that at my wedding, there will be pie -- not cake -- for dessert."

I stared into her eyes, searching for any hint of fear, ready for her to dart toward the door. "If you can't handle that, it's probably best if you just get out now."

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