Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sue's Honey Dipped Ricotta, Banana's Foster and Spicy Pineapple Chocolate

Hello there, y'all!

Alright, last week at Lippitt Park's Open Market was AMAZING! Not only did everyone show up, but the quality of vendors really blew me away. Nice day all the way around, even though there was some drizzle in the morning. This Saturday should be even better, and there is no predicted rain. (Knock on wood here, guys.)

This week we've got three pies for ya. First is our Banana's Foster. I did this a little while back and it was such a hit there wasn't even time to announce it, just flew off the shelves! This is bananas flambeed in rum and brown sugar, then baked into a vanilla pie. Outstanding, you'll never have better. And not as messy as a traditional Foster.

Next up is the Spicy Pineapple Chocolate. Yes, I did do this last week. The thing is there just weren't enough, and it's been requested again by a whole lot of folks, so here it is: Lightly spiced fresh pineapple in a creamy, dark chocolate filling. Might sound unusual, but most of my very unusual pies are the best.

Last pie is very special to me. This is called Sue's Honey Dipped Ricotta. This is a sweet ricotta pie, very traditional, very Rhode Island, but has honey dipped strawberries sprinkled throughout and baked in. Sweet, natural, made with the best ricotta (Narragansett Creamery), local honey and fresh berries from one of my best friend's organic greenhouse.

This pie is named and designed after Susan O'Connell, a good friend of mine and one of the best local ladies I know. I wanted something traditional to Rhode Island (Sweet Ricotta), because she's from here. Everything had to be local (unlike bananas) because Sue is the best of what's local to this state. She's a little shy, but once you open her up, boy howdy! She's also very no nonsense and clear cut in her opinions and world view, but is willing to listen to everyone's point. This is unusal. Susan is fresh, like a good strawberry, bright, warm and a perfect heart inside. Sue, indeed, has a heart so big you could see it from space. This is my warm, sun soaked (honey), funny, twisted friend. And I hope y'all enjoy her pie, because if Sue were a pie, this would be it.

And last, this week we'll be carrying two kinds of Cutie Quiche (not sure what they are until tomorrow), but will say we sold out of them pretty instantly. So get there early!

Same for the Pecan Cinnamon Rolls, so good they were out the door within a half hour!

We will be introducing other things this week if time permits... can I ask y'all to look for Bagels? If not this week, next. No deliveries this week, we've been slammed. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and we'll see you at the park!!

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