Friday, July 24, 2009

Contacting Cutie Pies

Hey, y'all! I just noticed that RI Monthly didn't post our number or any other contact information. So.... here we go!

To call Cutie Pies hit us up at 401 331-2414
If we aren't around, leave a message, we'll get right on back to you.

Want to follow us on Twitter? Click here or search cutiepielady on Twitter.

Is Facebook more your speed? No problem. Join our fan page! We run a few contests and games on there.

We're working as hard as we can to make it easier to get a hold of us. Remember, Cutie Pies is a micro company. We're so small you need a microscope. We want to serve y'all as best we can.

And please, remember, we're on the lookout for a backer. Y'all, I can make a dime turn into a dollar quicker than anyone... so if there's an investor out there, give a shout. Let's see what kinda empire of cute we can create.
Thanks y'all, see you at the farmer's markets!! Delivery tonight and tomorrow!

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