Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thanks for the love, 'Lil Rhody

Hey all!! Quickly, let me apologize for not updating maybe as much as I have. Why? Well.... weather, a little lack of inspiration. Not sure. I do know our weeks have been very hectic and it's been a stretch. But thank you for hanging in with me and checking out the blog. I appreciate it.

What I also appropriate, and am very humbled by, is the fact that tonight Cutie Pies won Best Pie in Rhode Island, courtesy of Rhode Island Monthly. I'm shocked and very proud. As such a small company, just one and a half people, we've tried very hard to put forth a good product and make as many people happy as possible. Might be heading in the right direction.

That said, we'll not be at this week's downtown farmer's market. We'll be back next week, so let me update the flavors right now: We've got Lemon Blueberry Pop, a sweet and tart lemon filling with whole ripe blueberries covered in home made pop rocks swirled in. If you haven't had this pie or have never heard of anything like it, this is a Cutie Pie original and will completely knock your socks off!

We've also got classic American Blueberry, made with Maine berries direct from Stut Berry Farm. When working a classic no one does it quite like us.

There's also a little Baked Chocolate Mint on the menu, crispy chocolate on the outside, gooey minty chocolate on the inside. Yum!

And last, Tart Lemon Zing. You've had a lemon meringue, this is close, but even, dare I say it? Better.

We'll also have our now famous Pecan Cinnamon Rolls on hand, as well as some fresh Cracked Cornbread (and why not a little Jalapeno Cornbread while I'm at it?) and a little Cutie Quiche.

Will see y'all next Friday, and thanks for all the love, 'Lil Rhody. I'm really starting to feel at home.


Leah P said...

I simply LOVE your whole concept of life = pie, pie = living! Thank you for giving us all a refreshing outlook on the brighter side of things. Congrats on your Best of RI win, I bartend at PPAC and was there last night also. Hope to see much more of Cutie Pies throughout little Rhody.

Colleen said...

Congratulations!! RI is lucky to have you!