Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad weather and broken ovens, Oh My!!

Hey all!

Sorry for no update last week. With all the bad weather we couldn't really get on out. Pie and rain do not mix.

Unfortunatly, we're having to call off our Weds. Brown Market this week as well. Why? It's called three hours to bake four trays. Unheard of!! Our oven, which was recently replaced, has decided to simply die. We'll have this little technical difficulty taken care of by Friday, we hope.

Which means we'll be at the Friday Downtown market!! With what, you ask? Well, a bit of a hodge podge. Look for some more Thai Green Tea Pie, it's been such a hit I've made it until my fingers are raw. We'll also have some pumpkin, cause 'tis the season, and a little Harvest Apple Pear.... also, because we did it for Perishable Theater this past Monday to much Cheer, Passion Pear. You'll have to come and take to see what exactly could make a pear passionate.

Alright, so that's it for now. If anyone needs delivery give a shout, and wish us luck on the ovens!


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