Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thai Green Tea Pie and, wait for it, Pumpkin!

Hey all! A little late, this week. Just figuring out the week.

Our Wednesday market was canceled (by me) because of foul weather. Many apologies, y'all, had no idea it would clear up like it did, though it was nasty all day.

Friday, tomorrow, we'll be downtown at the Burnside Park/Kennedy Plaza market from 11-2.

This Saturday is the next to last at Lippit Park, so if you haven't gotten down there, do so now! We'll be there from 9-4, and boy howdy, there's some awesome vendors there, other than yours truly.

Now to the pies.... ok, so I've been experimenting. Playing and having a wonderful time at it. My thought was that, seeing just how popular the Sweet Chai Pie has been, maybe a toe should be dipped into the other teas. In comes Thai Green Tea Pie. This is a soft, sweet green tea whip melded with a little coconut and just a hint of lime. I have, honestly, out freakin' done myself. I don't often say that, but this is a little bit of pie genius that I just can't wait to unleash on y'all.

Next we're going a little more classic. I know the wonky flavors aren't for everyone, so just to keep things cool there will be a nice, classic Pumpkin Pie. Y'all know what it is, no need to explain, but I will say the pumpkins I've gotten have been just divine.

Last, we'll have a little Apple Pie for the Saturday market. Yes, I know I don't always split flavors like that, but it's been requested and the Friday market's bake time is all set aside. So if you'd like a little classic Apple, give a shout or just head to the Saturday market at Lippit Park.

Hope everyone's having a great week, look forward to seeing y'all with a little extra Cutie Quiche, some cornbread and those killer Cinnamon rolls at the markets. If you don't come because of the holiday weekend, make sure you do something wonderful!

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