Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bye Bye Cutie Pies

So... I've thought long and hard how to write this and still haven't come up with much. Here's the fact, Cutie Pies will be officially closing this Saturday. The Saturday Winter Market at Hope Artist Village will be our last hurrah.

The menu? Whatever I feel. I was thinking maybe a Drunken Coconut Turtle, or a Lemon Thistle. Not sure yet, but I know it'll be amazing, and exactly what I want to see. If there's any requests, now is the time. I don't doubt there'll be more than two pies, because who can say all they want to with just two?

The question a lot of y'all must have on your mind is why. Very simple, though twofold. First is the economy. We're small, one full time employee (me) and a part time, sometimes more depending on the season. It's been two years, to the day, and we haven't gotten any bigger. I can't find any funding to grow, the SBA is dry and every backer I find takes a look at the tax codes here in Rhode Island and backs right out. Food is also a risky investment. So I have a choice.... I can stay small and barely make ends meet or move on to something else with a little more security.

The other big reason is my mother. As some of y'all know she's been sick and is only getting worse. I'm taking this time to head down to Florida in order to look after her and run her business for a little while. Until she gets back on her feet or until something else. What will happen to Shea, you ask? He'll stay here for the time being, until things are figured out. We're taking the next few months as they come. It's what times of transition call for.

Before I sign off, I'd like to say a few things and some folks I'd like to thank. First to my partner Shea. He's been very supportive and has struggled with me through everything, lent a hand when he could and backed off the best he knew how when he had to. Also Josh Selle, the owner of the now gone Blue Elephant. He rented his kitchen to me when we started out and we wouldn't have gotten anywhere without him. Ian Wade, now at Julian's, has been a great support and a fantastic cook, there's no amount of praise I can give that's worthy of him.

I'm deeply indebted to Tina of Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant. She took up our cause after we parted ways with the Elephant, and has been my personal champion. Tina, in all her warmth, love and glory, is one of the best human beings I've had the pleasure of meeting. Please, keep going to her place, show her support. I know of no harder working, loyal and genuinely lovable people. Her food is amazing and walking into her place you'll feel a great homecoming. I did.

And while there's a whole host of folks I'd love to thank personally, I wont bore y'all. There's just one big ass group. And that's y'all. If you're reading this, you've bought something in the past or been part of this little adventure. You've supported and loved us beyond the call of duty, read all the updates, ordered, showed up at markets, festivals, hired us for weddings, tea parties and everything else in between. You've delighted in my weird little creations and enjoyed classics. You've hung on when maybe something didn't turn out exactly as expected and been surprised when the unlikely knocked it out of the park.

Thank you.

Because of y'all I made it two years. That's longer than most in this business, and if I were to go on I have no doubt y'all would still be with me. I am grateful.

While I know this is kind of sad, especially for those who've no idea how I made that Sweet Chai Pie or crave Chicago Blues, know this isn't the end. I'm leaving the door open. I'm willing to come back to being the Pie Lady in the future, here or elsewhere. Nothing is ever the end and never say never and all that.

You're welcome to come around on Saturday to send us off, take a picture or get one last cinnamon roll. I'll be there and happy to see you because you've been great.
Cutiepies - Our only competition is Mom.
400 flavors, 9 crusts, and 3 sizes
at your local market or for home delivery.

- Providence Phoenix & RI Monthly 2009

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