Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blue Moon Rising

Hello all, and happy Wednesday!

Hope the week is treating you well, but keep the weekend in mind and any events you might have coming up. You never know, a handmade pie might be just the thing to bring to a cookout!

That said, let's get to the pie of the week. It's called Blue Moon, and was one of my Mimaw Grants favorites. Mostly because it is a simple, delicious pie, but because it fused two things she loved, Key Lime pie and Blueberry pie. Growing up in the south we didn't often get fresh blueberries, so my ingenious great grandmother came up with the excellent idea to make a blueberry pie using the idea behind a Key Lime.

Now don't be fooled, this will taste nothing like a Key Lime pie, but it will have the same consistency, tartness and texture. Only with blueberries! It is a fantastic, fresh way of turning the blueberry on its' head, making your tongue dance and all your friends saying Oooooh and Ahhhhhh!

To order a Blue Moon, get in touch with us via email or phone before Thursday afternoon. Deliveries will be Friday evening between 6-7. This pie is $20, plain and simple.

Also at the Burnside Market in Downtown Providence we'll have my world famous Banana Cream Pie! Don't miss that one if you're in the area.

As to other events, we will not be at the Broad St. market this week. There is a question as to whether that is a viable market for Cutie Pies, so we're taking a closer look.

We've also hooked up with Ten Minute Max, a wonderful whole dinner service (imagine, a ready or near ready to eat meal delivered! And tons of variety and very healthy! Amazing!) and will be adding pie to their menu this September. For more information on Ten Minute Max contact Lisa Kesser at

As always, thanks so much for making Cutie Pies apart of your week, hope everyone is having a beautiful - and not as humid - day!

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