Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to Market With Cherries

Heya all!

As most of y'all know we skipped market last week because of the foul weather
(which decided to clear up at the end, rats!), so we're heading back this week
with some new flavors and a repeat.

Let's hope the weather holds out.

So for all you cherry loving folks, the time has finally arrived. Yup, cherries
are here! And while I have many, many different flavors of cherry pie, we're
going to start out with a very simple, classic... well, Cherry Pie. Complete
with golden lattice crust and warm memories of hot August days and every
favorite picnic. Yes, the perfect, sweet, juicy cherry.

I have a fondness for cherries that I don't quite have for other fruits. Growing
up in the south we had plenty of oranges, limes, lemons, so much so that, as
kids, we'd use them as ammunition on each other. Grapefruits were great for
that. Big splat! But cherries were rare and only came in late summer, only when
you knew school was just around the corner and soon the hot afternoons and rain
showers would temper out into something a little more crisp. Cherries, for me,
were the last hoora of freedom. So here we present our perfect cherry pie.

For delivery of the Pie of the Week, give a call or email by Thursday evening.
This pie is 20 bucks flat on delivery and will arrive between 6-7 Friday
evening. Give a shout!

In other news, I've heard a lot of disappointment over the Blue Moon pie. Not
many folks got it and wanted to, so I'm going to run it again for the market
this week. If, for some odd reason, you can't get to the market, I will do a one
time exception and allow this secondary pie for delivery on Friday. Just let me

Also this week you'll find that Banana Cream Pie I've been wanting to put out
there. For some reason I've been hankering for a good Banana Cream. Hope you
have, too. That one will be at the market only.

Hope to see you downtown at the Burnside Park/Kennedy Plaza Market. We're still
up in the air about Broad St, so will keep you up to date on that one. Seeing
how it's only Tuesday (sorry to remind you) have a great rest of the week and
remember to do something special for yourself.

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